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Program Overview

The International Mathematics Master (IMM-LUMS) is a premium graduate programme in mathematics with the mission to train young talented, gifted minds in Pakistan and the region.

Our graduates, through IMM-LUMS rigorous training, will be prepared for Ph.D. studies in top international institutions. This programme emphasizes strengthening — students' mathematical foundations to develop the necessary critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to excel in research careers.

The two-year program combines coursework and research, with a substantial involvement of the international math community through visiting professorships and joint research projects.

This competitively ambitious program requires an exclusive time commitment and dedicated studies from all the admitted students to meet the high standard of training.

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is the only program with the follwoing features

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International Faculty

High-caliber faculty and visiting professors from leading institutions engaged in team teaching and joint-supervision.

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Monthly Stipend

Every student will get a handsome Stipend every month

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Rigorous Coursework

on modern mathematics combined with cutting-edge research.

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Free Accommodation

All the Students will be provided with free on-campus accommodation

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Full Fee Waiver

Students won't need to pay any tuition fee

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Air Travel

One round trip for international students

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Research visit

Opportunities for short-term research visits for students in the leading research institutes.

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International Students

Recruitment of top local and international talented students.

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ICTP Certification

Upon completion, students will get the IMM certificate endorsed by the ICTP along with the Master's degree from LUMS.


Applicants are divided into two groups: "International Applicants" who have foreign citizenship and "Pakistani Applicants" who either hold Pakistani citizenship, have dual citizenship, or are Pakistanis residing outside the country.

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