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IMM-Students and Alumni Association(IMM-SAA)

The aim of this association is to connect alumni of IMM with the current students to guide the current students in applying to Phd and Masters positions. This association can also help build a strong network between the alumni which will benefit us all professionally.

One of the long-term goals of the IMM program is to have its alumni contribute back by being involved in the program or by forming collaborations with researchers in the host country. The IMM Students and Alumni Association is intended to be the first step in actualizing this vision.

The short-term goal of the Association is to build a strong alumni network by providing a platform for alumni to meet and discuss their work. This network can benefit all members of the association professionally in the form of collaborations or by allowing members to exchange information about different research positions/grants. The Association is actively working with current students of the program and guiding them in securing competitive Masters or PhD positions with the hope of building a sustainable academic ecosystem for the IMM program.

The IMM Students and Alumni Association is responsible for:

  • Arranging quarterly meetings with the current students to guide them through the Masters and PhD application process.
  • Arranging bi-annual meetings for all alumni and current students to allow them to socialize. These meetings will include introduction sessions and fun games.
  • Arranging talks to be given by alumni (or other invited speakers) to inform the members about current research topics.
  • Working closely with the IMM administration to maintain and update information regarding prestigious conferences, summer schools and short research visits.

Executive Committee (IMM-SAA)

The Executive Committee will play an active role in communicating with the members and the IMM administration to fulfill the responsibilities of the Association.

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